Favorite books and Authors Series: Barbara Kingsolver

January 17, 2018 Book and Author reviews

Seal of approval Honestly, I’ve never watched Oprah in my life. No reruns, nothing. I have never been too interested in watching talk shows. Now, there was a time that I liked Judge Judy, but mostly because she is so salty and puts up with no BS. I like that type of thing. That being said, Oprah has pretty good taste in books. She has a knack for being drawn to really good authors. Picking one up with her littleRead More

Courage to call myself a writer

December 12, 2017 The realities of writing

The truth Finding the courage to tell people that I was a writer when I had nothing to show for it was not an easy task. Despite using affirmations and my husband’s encouragement, it took years for my words to travel from my head to people. To call myself a writer in public felt so weird. I could look myself in the mirror and declare that I was an award-winning author (when no one else was looking, of course) butRead More

Thank you, past pain

November 29, 2017 non-fiction

“God? You thank Him for what happened to you?” Rowena pulled away just enough to peer at him in the dark. “Yes. It took me a long time, but yes. I thank Him because He saved me through you. I thank Him because Fellahi died before taking me to bed. I thank Him because at Saed’s house I met Selma. And I thank Him for bringing me back to you. Had I not been enslaved I never would have foundRead More

NaNoWriMo: Not worth the effort

November 18, 2017 The realities of writing

This ridiculous thing: NaNoWriMo I have no idea how this thing became a “thing” and have no desire to learn about it. I think I actually knew at one point, but I no longer care. Seriously. I find it ridiculous and catered mostly to teenagers or angsty college kids. NaNoWriMo is not for serious writers.  Now that statement might cause a stir, or would if anyone around me were writers and cared about NaNoWriMo, but I am inconspicuous at theRead More

Self-publish: A leap of faith in yourself

October 31, 2017 publishing

I am about to self-publish. Although I have two, well now three, books finished, this will be the first that I self-publish. I am excited and my family is excited. We talk about it a little here and there, but the other day my husband asked me not about the book but about my marketing plans.  Gulp. Not my place of expertise, but I have spent many of the last weeks reading up on it. As I went through whatRead More

After the fun comes the formatting

October 26, 2017 The realities of writing

This truth is: Formatting a book for digital publishing is tiresome and disconcerting. My eyes feel like they are reeling. Like movie film spinning out of control making the images rush out at a speed  no human mind can gather information from. And yet. And yet, I see a blank space. My fingers stop scrolling. Time to fix the format. Click. Click. And we are back to scrolling. My right index and middle fingers ache. I am finding that the scrollRead More

The beginning to the end

September 20, 2017 The realities of writing

One sunny afternoon with a slight breeze coming through my large open windows I sat down at my dining room table in Toulouse, France and opened our computer. I started looking into the history of Algeria and England. I learned about the Barbary pirates, about the fly swatter incident, about the slave trade, and about the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act in England. Slowly a story started forming in my head. I spent the rest of the afternoon with my fingers clickingRead More

Stepping Across the Desert

March 17, 2017 Books

I am so excited to let you all know that my book, the one I’ve been working on for years now, is finally being published. I have decided to self-publish for many reasons, most of which it is the best way to keep complete control over my work. Perhaps I will change my mind, since this is the first time I’m doing it, but for the moment it feels like the best way to go. I hope if you likeRead More